New and old whiteboard messages.

Ever since July 24th, 2011, in the city of Campbell, California, God has put messages in my mind to write on a whiteboard to attract His chosen believers to come and listen to His spoken gospel. The gospel is the voice of God where God’s chosen believers can hear information directly from the mind of God, which we know as Truth. The message also attracts unbelievers who come to try argue with me and convince me that I’m wrong. God can’t be wrong because He’s the one who created everything, whether it be the deluded world and our flesh that we perceive as real ( the visible Earthly Kingdom ) or our true existence in the mind of God as wavelengths of energy, which contain His thoughts ( the invisible Heavenly Kingdom ).

Each message that I draw on a whiteboard will attract a few chosen people that have the information in them to see the sign and then ask me questions about it. These people will end up either a believer or an unbeliever, according to God’s plan. All I have to do is preach the gospel to them to see whether they’re a believer or not. Once they become a believer, then God teaches them deeper things the next times we meet each other. The whiteboard is elevated on a handcart above a plastic garbage can that’s strapped to it that I push around town so it’s easily recognized by my friends ( believers ). If they stop and talk with me, then I teach them more about God’s eternal plan for us and anything else that God wants them to know.

This blog contains all the whiteboard messages since I started. Scroll down and read today’s message with all the past messages below it.

God bless you all,

Saint Brad

Today’s message: 

Come and learn about God’s Voice.

Past whiteboard messages:

My Voice will be known to you.

Is your world real or a God made illusion?

Tithing is loved by heathens.

Death is the door to eternal life.

God’s salvation plan includes you.

We will be entertained forever.

Visible church buildings are false gods.

God’s love is eternal life.

Jesus was saved by our Creator.

Jesus died but I AM alive.

We’re all born in the mind of our Creator.

God created ISIS and He will destroy it.

Religious men kill God’s messengers.

Jesus died but My Voice is eternal.

Your destiny is to live forever.

We don’t control life.

The Beast is info from God.

The 4G gods are replacing a 3-in-1 god.

We’re living in a simulation.

Christmas is a religious pagan tradition.

Antichrists love religion & false gods.

God doesn’t need man’s help.

A Christian is no better than an Atheist.

God’s Voice formed rocks, water & flesh.

The gospel is God’s voice, not Bible words.

The Messiah can’t be seen.

Truth isn’t found in a Bible.

Christians don’t speak for God.

God will end all religions and corporations.

The Bible is not a teacher.

Christianity and crime will end soon.

Tithing is important to false prophets.

God will smash all authority on earth.

Christians disobey God’s commands.

The earth’s inhabitants are not real.

God planned wars to kill people.

A big change is coming soon.

Christians worship the Beast.

Saints don’t build church buildings.

Christian leaders love their slaves.

Satan can be as kind as Christians.

You’re born in Truth & formed in a lie.

Your future has been planned.

False prophets erect buildings & preach lies.

False prophets erect buildings.

Your pastors don’t know our Father.

Man was not created in a womb.

Jesus was killed by our Savior.

Hell believers love dead things.

Most believers reject Christianity.

God’s love and the world’s love aren’t the same.

The wolves you listen to talk like shepherds.

We can’t control our lives.

Only God and His thoughts are real.

Life is given to us, not created by us.

God’s creation is Eternal Life.

Faith in God isn’t equal to belief in Him.

Has God awakened you yet?

Good and evil are not true words.

Don’t let your flesh keep deceiving you.

Jesus is not our Savior, God is.

Our Father and us are one.

Did God choose you to be enlightened?

Most believers aren’t led to a Bible.

God controls everything so don’t worry.

You, Jesus and I are created as God’s Word.

Money works great for slavery.

Lying thoughts hide the tree of life.

Do you love us and God?

Did Jesus say; ‘Pray like the hypocrites do’ ?

God is still teaching His elect.

It’s impossible to get rid of Me.

Heaven is an unlimited data storage bank.

The greatest show on earth is coming.

Objects don’t exist unless observed.

Happy Mother’s Day!  your Husband.

We’re like the Sims people.

Are we alive or just appear to be?

Space, time & matter were programmed.

Most people don’t know we’re not real.

The Beast makes men build things.

Our Creator is not a religious god.

Even though we look real, we’re not.

Thank God we get more than one body.

Your enemy will be killed as planned.

Do you love Me or the Bible?

Visible death doesn’t stop your future.

God planned it before we did it.

Your Jesus is dead but I’ll save you.

God’s Kingdom is filled with thoughts.

You & I were born in the mind of God.

Life will not be boring in Paradise.

Don’t worry!  God will kill your sins.

Homelessness is not an enemy.

Our Lord God is NOT Jesus.

Flesh can’t be made without information.

Can My Voice be heard by your flesh?

In the future, history will be erased.

Your deity only loves you & your friends.

If Jesus loves me, why do you reject me?

What you see is not the Truth.

God’s Son is His thoughts.

Act 2 will be much better.

You need more than Jesus to believe Christ.

The Bible can’t tell if you’re a saint or a liar.

God’s make-believe world appears real.

God is not a Jew, Christian or Muslim.

Antichrists love Jesus but hate Christ.

God is real but we’re not.

Your body is not the real you.

Christian gods are powerless.

Lava will end this dream.

God’s code produced all codes.

Drought ? Read Revelation 11: 1-10

God’s harvest is soon over.

I love our invisible Lord. Do you?

Life happens according to an eternal plan.

Believers hear My Voice but antichrists can’t.

God’s creation didn’t require any space.

God is invisible to His creation.

Who is the Father of you, Jesus and me ?

Most of you don’t know Me, yet.

Jesus and Bibles can’t save you.

The visible world is the devil.

The 1000 year reign of Christ is almost over.

We’re living in a good and evil program.

Christ isn’t a visible object.

You will be in Me forever.

Reality isn’t visible to man.

Lies keep you from knowing yourself.

I am the Lord and Savior, not visible to you.

Your pastors think that baby Jesus is Me.

Jesus died. I’m using this body now.

Jesus & Brad are My first and last.

Rome’s Jesus deceived most Christians.

Tis the season of money lovin’ false prophets.

I wasn’t born of a mother’s womb.

Jesus is NOT the Lord; I AM.

Christmas is a very special pagan day.

God loves all His disobedient people.

Jesus is a great deity ( false image ).

Death is very important, so don’t fear it.

God is the only ruler.

Christians are deceived by My evil artwork.

Christians love modern false gods.

God doesn’t need seeds to form bodies.

You have no choice but to follow me.

Kindness is a liar’s best tool to distract you.

Who is more important, you or God?

Our brains are processors of God’s language.

Belief in hell makes false prophets happy.

Believing lies is easy but not My voice.

Money is one illusion that’s hard to resist.

Is this a dream or is flesh real?

Is this a dream or is matter real?

I know the One we exist in.

God is the only healer and killer.

All decisions were planned perfectly.

Did He say, “Man’s will be done”?

Life in this age has one purpose.

God’s love is not a human emotion.

Don’t worry, you’re in Me forever.

Scientists are taught by God, too.

Only God can teach future events.

God planned to have Christians build false gods.

Our Lord’s name is not Jesus.

If you fear me and not Me, you don’t Me.

Truth can’t be found in a book.

God kills His saints but not His voice.

Born again Christians were lied to.

No sky King will be seen in the clouds.

Belief in Me isn’t required to be saved.

Beware of men who say, ” the Bible says “.

The Beast is God’s unknown teacher.

Eternal life is an awesome program.

Christ is God’s invisible mind.

Christian love changes to hate easily.

God is the best illusionist ever.

Do you love our invisible Father and I ?

A Christian group will try stop God.

You’re all destined to know God.

God is real but flesh isn’t.

Can we live without Jesus & Christianity?

Can we live without science and religion?

All abortions were designed by God.

Death is the doorway to eternal life.

Did God say, “Blame the Serpent” ?

Act 1 will end with crackling hot molten lava.

God saved us already so be patient.

Our new bodies won’t have blood.

God used stars for geometry lessons.

Christians think they will see Me soon.

The Bible is not the voice of the Lord.

666 = visible  7 = invisible

God’s mind is Heaven.

Liars preach in hand-built churches.

We, Jacob and Israel, are God’s people.

There’s no real universe.

Do you trust God or sinful Christians?

God’s beast is a great program.

Visible light is an illusion.

God makes us sinless by killing flesh.

Is sinning worse than rejecting God’s voice?

Are you good and evil or invisible?

The lake of fire will end this dream.

Man can’t create any information.

We are God’s past, present & future thoughts.

Science and religion teach lies to you.

Are you lost in God’s dream?

God programmed some men to see aliens.

God’s beast isn’t fooling all of us.

God’s fire will destroy good and evil illusions.

Hell is a false controlling idea.

Truth sounds like lies to an unbelieving liar.

Do you love God and us or a deity?

Churches you see are false gods.

We won’t miss Christianity in Paradise.

Belief isn’t required for salvation.

Our thoughts are in God’s mind.

Life and death are perfect illusions.

If you hate me, you hate yourself.

There’s one mind and we’re all in it.

It’s impossible to not know Me in Paradise.

The name Jesus blinded billions.

Death isn’t real so don’t fear it.

God’s breath of life is eternal.

Truth is not a visible object.

Christianity was very well planned.

God’s Law can be heard here.

Why do you trust religion and science?

Men won’t get married in Paradise.

Tithes can’t buy God’s love.

Bible readers are blinded by lies.

Why do you reject My Voice?

Time, space & matter appear to be real.

Vibrations make illusions look alive.

All religions will be destroyed in one hour.

Can the Bible rebuke your lying thoughts?

Man uses God’s free thoughts selfishly.

The earth will soon shake, wobble  & burn.

Imaginary friends can’t save you.

The beast is God’s secret plan.

Homeless citizens need love, not fear.

Liars tell God that His Son is coming.

Do you love us or what you see?

Rome’s lies include hell & floating bodies.

Peace comes after fear is understood.

Money won’t exist in Paradise.

If you fear Him, I’ll be His voice for you.

Life is not controlled by you.

One of God’s curses to man is religion.

The two sticks will become one soon.

False gods you drive will burn up, too.

God doesn’t use the Bible like sinners do.

Christians believe in Rome’s lies.

Christians don’t know Me.

A religious man was made to love false gods.

Money works great for slavery.

Reality is not Jesus and God’s other illusions.

God decided what’s eternal or not.

You love a deity but not Me.

All voices come from My Voice.

Most Christians can’t hear the Truth.

Do you trust God or the dollar?

Men blame satan instead of God.

God’s robots look more real.

Did God choose you to hear His voice.

God’s people can’t decide to be saved.

The religious demons hate the Truth.

We’re processed into visible objects.

God created vibrations to form illusions.

I’m your King, Creator, and Savior.

Corporate laws legalized slavery.

The curse of materialism enslaves us.

Our bodies die when God pulls the plug.

Bible words do not contain God’s Word.

Denying My voice keeps you cursed.

Religion does not spread the Truth.

God is the boss, not a Bible.

The money god is at it again.

Hell believers love to judge God’s work.

The dead can’t teach eternal wisdom.

Our bodies are enemies that God kills.

Fear of God’s illusions was well-planned.

Invisible waves are God’s language.

Did your deity rise again last week?

Do you love Me, your Creator?

There’s no need to fear God’s evil illusions.

Men will never get divorced in Paradise.

God’s will isn’t changed by man’s prayers.

The Truth is not a visible thing.

Jesus & Easter bunnies are imagined friends.

Easter = Babylonian tradition.

A deity named Jesus can’t save anyone.

Rome’s Easter lie is still working.

Pagans will be celebrating this weekend.

The beast was used to form Christianity.

No wages are required to live in this world.

We’re created invisible, then visibly formed.

Death & taxes won’t interfere our eternal life.

Dimensions can’t describe God’s thoughts.

Our bodies were made to lie.

Without a heaven, earth wouldn’t exist.

You’re not able to stop living.

God made all our decisions.

God’s illusions can be very deceiving.

The slaves of this world will be freed soon.

Come and hear the good news.

We are all destined to know God.

Pride won’t exist in Paradise.

Are you tired of all the lies?

Most Truth seekers won’t find Me.

God’s will can never be changed.

God is, was, and always.

We all live God’s dreams forever.

Dear Campbell, homelessness is from God.

You obey men but not ME !

God formed lawless flesh in this world.

What we see is fuel for the Lord’s Day.

Brains = CPU’s but only as illusions.

Arguing is like playing wrong notes in a song.

Life is nothing but continuous dreams.

Secret societies don’t know Me.

God’s language of good & evil will end soon.

God loves all His invisible people.

Jesus lovers don’t know God’s love.

Life without flesh remains God’s word.

Life experiences come from God’s thoughts.

God’s love will be lived forever.

Music doesn’t need atoms.

Jesus lovers don’t know God.

God’s language isn’t seen until it’s processed.

Thoughts are free but used selfishly.

Why do you fear the dead of this world.

My invisible word is spoken thru illusions.

God’s language was spoken in to vibrations.

What we can’t see is God’s creation.

Heaven is God’s thoughts.

Blaming satan is working perfectly.

God is here to teach you how He made you.

Christians can’t interpret biblical prophecies.

Time won’t exist in our new language.

Israel won’t obey My voice but Jacob does.

Objects appear to move but God knows better.

Can a robot move without God’s thoughts?

My drought will humble a few of you.

Good & evil are judged by My lawless people.

Life without being info first is impossible.

Satan = visible  God = invisible

The drought won’t end until I’m finished.

Architectural plans began as gods in the sky.

God doesn’t hate war. It’s a way He kills flesh.

In four months, your god will die & rise again.

Christmas is a cash cow for Christianity.

Some Christian kids are forced to believe liars.

My disobedient people love a baby deity.

Wages are used for slavery in this age.

The messiah has always been invisible.

After I’m done, expect a major earth change.

Your hands are guided by the beast.

Saints are My witnesses, not Christians.

False gods are loved by the self-righteous.

Only My elect can obey Me in this age.

Son & Holy Spirit = Father’s thoughts.

Men won’t get divorced on the new earth.

God created us to sing His songs.

Materialism came from God’s plan, the beast.

Your life is in God for eternity.

If you’re not in Heaven yet, you were lied to.

God will kill your enemy so be patient.

All God’s saints were planned to be homeless.

Man is a processor of God’s thoughts.

There’s no Truth in religion or evolution.

Death removes the proud of this world.

We all live for eternity.

Christians love false gods like houses and cars.

Life is like bad notes in an unknown song.

Christians try live the word I spoke long ago.

Sadness is a lie once you know our Creator.

A city that rejects the poor will be destroyed.

Christians have no idea what gospel means.

Don’t worry, I will clean up man’s mess.

We’re hidden by what we see.

Google “God’s Whiteboard Messages.”

Time won’t be understood by our new bodies.

God used men to build some of His ideas.

The last version of Babylon will end soon.

The Truth isn’t something you can find.

What we see deceives us of what we are.

Jesus isn’t a King but I AM.

Religious pride comes from not knowing God.

The credit lie is God’s best fear tactic.

Your love will be replaced by God’s love.

Land ownership is a priority of the beast.

Our Creator is the real abortionist.

Salvation from our flesh is a done deal.

We’re here to experience life, not create it.

Belief and faith are not what we decide to do.

A religious man is blinded by visible things.

Halloween is a pagan idea like Christmas.

Christians try be like Me but that’s impossible.

Saints become good teachers and campers.

God loves His poor people but kills the rich.

All the friends of Jesus and I are invisible.

Living in one body confuses some men.

Scientists are taught by God thru His beast.

A saint’s body is a lie that speaks the Truth.

It’s obvious what the Vatican loves.

Our wicked flesh will be replaced.

God’s mind can’t be known unless we’re processed.

Christianity will be destroyed by God’s fire.

God created the internet before the earth appeared.

Heaven is our created energy in God.

What vibrates in harmony, flesh or spirit?

My saint speaks for free. Tithing makes liars smile.

Did He say, “Get rid of my evil homeless people”?

The messiah can be heard but never seen.

God has endless visions & dreams planned for us.

Christians can only believe what we know.

God’s abortions don’t confuse His last saint.

Nobody goes to Heaven. We’re already in Him.

God didn’t plan life for us to change it.

The beast spread materialism all over the world.

Rome made laws to control all Christians.

What we see are illusions of vibrating energy.

If you know Me, you will believe My spoken word.

Death of your enemy is the way to eternal life.

Architectural designs came from the beast.

The Truth will rule in the next act.

Our Father who art in Heaven where we exist.

Christians think they know Me.

God made Christianity appear real.

Religious words are lies to the poor and hungry.

Kind smiles hide many unkind thoughts.

Don’t worry about dying. Death isn’t real.

Man was made to be invisible forever.

The beast has info to try kill God’s messiah.

Homophobia means you do not know God.

The homeless are living in God, too.

Everyone bows down to our Creator.

Visible saints speak invisible thoughts of God.

Churches built by human hands are false gods.

God’s voice sounds crazy to most Christians.

Memorizing the bible won’t give you the Truth.

It’s amazing how long the lie of hell has worked.

The Vatican had millions killed for their gods.

Time, dimensions & mass appear real to man.

God’s illusion looks real until the smoke clears.

Did Jesus get rejected while speaking for Me?

Be patient! I already created your salvation.

Man lives in two ages with many bodies.

Liars say, “I’m a born again Christian.”

God made most Christians unbelievers.

Christianity exists because of antichrists.

The messiah can only be heard, not seen.

The spirit of God loves my friends.

This no good body delivers good news.

There won’t be a boogie man in Paradise.

Cameras were created for a hidden reason.

If you know the Truth, why fear My Voice?

What you think about me was created by Me.

Can you blame Me for creating your actions?

The beast had men build things for God.

The first saint is a christian god.

God made us believe in time, mass & dimensions.

Invisible info is viewed as vibrating atoms.

Aren’t you glad God created motion?

False prophets steal words, lie & build churches.

Free speech is hated by unbelievers.

Fire info will change your looks.

Magnified atoms & pixels confuse untrained eyes.

Vibrating energy is what we are.

God made stars, UFO’s, angels, etc. to deceive men.

The gospel is God’s voice, not Bible words.

Religious men love false gods they see.

The NT is for Christians. The OT is for God.

What’s the best lie? Jesus, hell, or virgin Mary.

Without heaven, we wouldn’t exist.

Asbestos suits won’t work on the last day.

Men and animals will be tame in the next age.

Jesus lies are spoken way more than truth.

The golden calf worshipers hate the truth.

All Christians are marked with  “666″.

The false belief of hell worked great.

Saints know the future so we die without fear.

Without us, you wouldn’t hear the Truth.

Our invisible God created science & religion wisely.

There’s only one creator of life and it’s not you.

God’s love makes peace. Man’s love makes war.

Jesus wasn’t God’s only saint.

God’s invisible servant is being spoken again.

Good and evil work together to deceive you.

Christians won’t worship false gods in Paradise.

Our new flesh won’t learn to read or write.

Believers are chosen to hear Me.

Religions were not used for salvation.

God planned for you to sin so keep sinning.

Men look in a book for truth that isn’t there.

Christian love deceives you from God’s love.

Jesus was the first and this body is My last.

My thoughts give you life forever.

God loves all his people.

The crucifix came from the beast.

God kills one nation & saves the other.

Church kitchens are selfish attractions.

Dimensions can’t describe our true selves.

The Christian “Jesus” is a liar.

Antichrists are religious. Christ is anti-religion.

The word of God is life, not a Bible.

Energy =  God’s stored thoughts.

God doesn’t hate porno. He created it.

The gospel isn’t written words we memorize.

Truth is spoken by saints, not Christians.

Christ has come in the cloud of info.

Man was made in Heaven to live forever.

God used materialism for three reasons.

Credit enslaves Israel today.

Money is the most important god on earth.

The messiah is using his last body now.

We’re invisible but light info makes us see.

God is one and we’re all in that one.

I’m the only Savior that exists.

If you had a bad day, blame our Creator.

Mirrors lie to you so don’t listen to them.

Your new bodies will never die.

A selfless man doesn’t choose friends.

Your life is God’s thoughts in action.

Hell is satan’s favorite thought.

The Zionist lie didn’t fool everyone.

Israel = flesh  Jacob = spirit

God already saved us. Be patient!

Your Bible gods can’t save anyone.

If you’ve been looking for Me, here I AM.

Fools don’t know God’s will for them to be fools.

You will live forever.

Life is God’s processed thoughts.

Technology was created for My purpose.

Did He say, “Obey My Bible’s voice.”?

The NT was not written by us.

The beast makes your hands build things.

If God didn’t plan good and evil, then who did?

No security will protect your wealth from God.

Science is very important to God.

You won’t live longer than eternity.

If you ride a high horse, enjoy the ride.

No saint ever said, “I’m a Christian”.

No information is created by man.

You may be confused but death fixes it.

What is seen is not how life began.

You won’t hear the truth if you fear me.

Our lives are God’s thoughts.

Life is the living word, not a book.

Jesus was the first of all us saints.

Did Jesus say, “kill those damn terrorists”?

Thoughts = breath of life = God’s energy.

Rome’s gospels kept the dead confused.

I’m the only way you can live forever.


Water baptism means you’ll get wet.

God’s thoughts are stored as energy in atoms.

In 45 years, I never heard my Bible talk to me.

Our Creator is to blame.

God kills the enemy we sleep with.

Most Christians were made to reject Me.

What looks real to us isn’t real at all.

Christian minds are controlled by the beast.

An atom is full of new life.

God created Christianity to deceive us.

God’s robots look more real than man’s robots.

Saints obey the law because we are the law.

We have no power to change God’s plan.

The breath of life is God’s created energy.

The only way to know Me is if I planned it.

God didn’t plan any abortions for the next age.

Easter is a man’s untruthful tradition.

Christ is being spoken from My unseen cloud.

The 4g gods are replacing other christian gods.

The first pope pretended to be like Me, too.

When Christians quote scripture, Satan speaks.

Tweet #Campbellpreacher if you love Me.

Do you believe Me or man’s biblical lies?

I created this world to confuse you “Israel”.

Fire of God will destroy one of two nations.

Your Jesus can’t save you but “I” did.

John 3:16 will not make you a believer in God.

God is nearly done using his last saint.

Rome’s Easter story wasn’t written by us.

Do you think one hour a week is good enough?

Is your pride, lust and greed good or evil?

Bold Christians hang crosses. Bold saints are killed.

Did God forgive you of religious pride last Sunday?

Jesus was not God and hell doesn’t exist.

The two nations of this age will become one.

God planned it all and our bodies live accordingly.

The beast loves pulpits and padded church pews.

Saints don’t obey the beast but Christians do.

The beast made it from Babylon to San Jose, CA.

The light of the saints created Christians.

Saints die in the flesh but continue to sustain life.

The penalty of sin is death. That means no hell.

Saints are made eunuchs on the way to sinlessness.

God planned our lives so there’s no free will.

The beast doesn’t need God with their hell belief.

Jesus is dead today but no the spoken word.

Dear Christians, the Pharisees missed him, too.

The Babylonians would be proud of you Christians.

Saints know who pretends to be like them.

The lake of fires is preparation for paradise.

God’s fire will purify the air, water and soil.

Religion is God’s best deception.

Who do you fear? Don’t you understand me?

Born again doesn’t mean to sin again and again.

Good & evil are judged by good & evil Christians.

“Few are chosen” isn’t billions of lying Christians.

Bibles, religion & money won’t exist in the next age.

Don’t pray for me. God planned to destroy you, too.

God’s will has no importance to Christian’s will.

What’s evil? Ask a liar who calls himself good.

If you masturbate or have any sex, you’re not a saint.

The feet of iron and clay is symbolic for Christianity.

The Christian tower of Babel will burn up soon.

Knowledge = God. Energy = Word. God & Word = Life.

You won’t reject my Word in Paradise.

All liars say they’re good instead of evil.

Good & evil came from God so stop judging his work.

No Christian has experienced being born again.

Pastors retire & die with dignity. Saints are killed.

A Christian’s holy spirit comes from the flesh.

Only false gods can be known if you don’t obey God.

Is your car from Jesus or God’s plan of deception?

Christians see sinners. A saint sees Christians.

The lake of fire will prove there isn’t any hell.

Christians can’t obey God as planned.

It takes lust to meet her and greed to keep her.

Is rape, murder, lust and greed the same to God?

A man’s sins are forgiven once his flesh dies.

God saves us all despite what the beast tells you.

Christians can explain hell but our Creator can’t.

A saints worst enemy is religious pride.

If homosexuals had choices, no one would exist.

Religion worked exactly as Go planned it.

A Christian church is where satan worships the flesh.

“Jesus loves you” is a lie unknown to Christians.

Death is the last lie you’ll have to face.

The blood of Jesus appears to hide sins of liars.

Downhill skiing will be impossible in the new age.

Which is it, the Christian gods or our Creator?

The flesh is the most important Christian god.

Christians enjoy the beast and sinful passions.

The Christian kingdom will end in a lava bath.

Father, son and holy spirit are a few Christian gods.

What a friend “false god” we have in Jesus.

We don’t decide to follow God’s plans . We live his plans.

The Truth has exposed the lies of Christianity.

Christian love is not the love of God.

Christian churches are dens of lust, greed and theft.

The Babylonians would love your Christian churches.

No Christian has ever spoken the truth.

God’s death plan wasn’t enough for hell believers.

God planned all Christian sex scandals & lies.

Did Jesus need security for his property?

Christians fear those who won’t obey their rules.

It won’t be long before we’re sizzling in lava.

Marital sex is caused by your corrupt DNA.

On Sundays, the dead pretend to be alive.

Is your crucifix from God or a flesh made idol?

We’re freed from God’s judgement as our flesh dies.

God chose his servants before he created us.

We live to die, then live again for eternity.

Dead Christians won’t learn how wrong they were.

Christians who obey Christians, love this world.

Preaching from a hand cart means very rich in God.

Christians go deaf as they read the Bible.

To be born again means the beast will kill you.

A born again Christian is a dead liar.

A decision for Jesus is your 1st Christian lie.

God didn’t plan any accidents in the next age.

Religious ideas were planned as temporary lies.

There’s one lamb left for the wolves to eat.

God’s 1,000 year reign will end with a bang.

There’s lots of dead Pharisees in this city.

The information age started as God’s voice.

Life in Paradise is the only one we’ll ever know.

Volcanoes, money & Iphones won’t exist in Paradise.

Your decisions were made before your body was.

God’s energy was hard to explain 2,000 years ago.

Saints speak for God like robots speak for men.

Enjoy your gods before the Word burns them up.

The big one will be much bigger than anticipated.

Christians and saints are like oil and water.

The Bible can’t teach the truth but our Creator can.

If you love the Bible you won’t love the Truth.

If you’re truly born again, your sex life is over.

Understanding life & death makes it exciting to die.

One big fire will solve all the world’s problems.

Fear seems real until knowledge is understood.

If you obey God, you’re a sinless saint or a liar.

Jesus and Santa are more believable than our Creator.

The Truth beat both false gods to town this year.

Think a dead messiah cares about Christmas?

Atheists are saved by God, not by Christian works.

Truth isn’t what you think, it’s what God thinks.

Christmas is a favorite of satan’s birthdays.

Brain-washed kids know Jesus & hell but not the truth.

Christmas is very special to those who don’t know God.

Is the Christmas idea from God or the beast?

This may be your last Christmas so ignore me again.

The name “Jesus” won’t exist in our new language.

If you knew Jesus in this age, you won’t in the next.

Proud men believe they created cars, crime & Christmas.

Our decisions are made according to God’s plan.

God hid so well that Christians used names instead.

Faith in a name called “Jesus” blinded billions.

Christianity is the beast that exalts itself above God.

The beast’s anger will fulfill Rev 6: 9-11.

The knowledge of good and evil worked great.

Protestants and Catholics are beast mates.

Not everyone is a born again liar around here.

Even without a hell, Christians will become lava.

The truth will free you from Christian lies.

As long as they say “Jesus,” the beast is united.

To satisfy the beast, say Jesus twice, then pray.

Antichrists use a Bible to teach other sinners.

The blind can see idols & churches. So can everyone.

As you’re dying, try out your free will idea.

Every Christian believes in Roman liars.

False pride is thinking God’s ideas are yours.

For every death, there’s a killer. We call him God.

If you God can’t kill & create, he’s a false whimp.

When all the holy books burn up, the holy gods will end.

Without wars, God would’ve killed them other ways.

Peace on earth comes after God destroys this one.

The next time you givbe, thank the one who sent it.

If you pray for me, you’re praying to a false god.

Reading, writing and arithmetic have no future.

Paradise won’t be built with human hands.

The life God planned for us has no ending.

Christians and Muslims believe in different lies.

A goo man needs evil men around to feel righteous.

The energy used to speak for God is called the word.

Christian gods vary depending on their DNA.

Not all Christians are unbelievers of God’s voice.

Are holy Christians above Christians with more pride?

The beast will soon exalt itself above God one more time.

Christians die without knowing God or themselves.

Earth will be level for our new bodies.

God created the beast to limit the spoken truth.

Pride can’t be understood until God becomes you.

What false beliefs caused more fear than hell & satan?

Christians love a dead body instead of Me.

Evil is not evil to God. It’s only a lie like good is.

A man is deceived when he learns how good he is.

Which one made you join, a dead man or the hell lie?

God didn’t create the tree of the knowledge of good.

Rome had no truth to start their pagan RCC.

After Rome killed the saints, big lies were needed.

The names of Jesus and Mary deceived billions.

Not one OT prophecy claims Jesus as Lord.

Holy spirit, son, word & christ are the same energy.

“Israel” means all God’s created people.

God didn’t plan for man to decide his own salvation.

Jesus doesn’t save Christians. God saves all “Israel”.

I’m the last one of God’s Jacob.

Religious works build a strong beast in a man.

Christian water baptism is like walking on fire.

There won’t be a Christian kingdom in Paradise.

Christian gods don’t understand the future.

Christians fear things that we have no fear of.

What God planned for this age will be buried in lava.

The last man to die will end Satan’s world.

Not one saint had to accept Jesus as our Savior.

If you’ve grown to hate me, the gospel is working.

They get you to love Jesus so they can love your money.

Lots of money was wasted on names like Jesus and Mary.

We’ll never see a sunrise or sunset with our new eyes.

Our naked bodies will always stay warm in Paradise.

The messiah didn’t know he’d become a god names Jesus.

Since truth is invisible, it’s impossible to find.

A Christian god can’t be bigger than his beast.

No pastor, pope or priest has ever spoken the truth.

The body of Jesus was good food for God’s insects.

Christians have been praying to fix God’s work.

Truth is like a mirror that reflects lies.

Jesus is a great excuse to avoid the spoken truth.

Your Jesus can’t give you God’s knowledge.

Thank God there won’t be money in the new age.

Jews, Christians and Muslims won’t exist in Paradise.

Christians want to got to a place they already exist.

Our Creator made everything, even Christian gods.

The Bible is a Christian god. It’s easier to see.

Christians can’t see God being spoken to you.

Christianity is the last kingdom of the beast.

Outcasts hear the gospel. The righteous can’t.

God designed the gospel to find & kill his saints.

No saint was ever used for war, sex, church or greed.

Saints can’t sin but Christians sin until they die.

The truth is everything but this world.

Without energy, nothing would exist but God.

It’s no surprise that Christians can’t hear God.

Everyone’s body will die in the Armageddon event.

You can’t obey God by obeying your church rules.

If you’re Catholic, your beast is like the Protestants.

A man can’t kill himself unless God planned it.

The knowledge of good and evil fit in our DNA.

Evil men don’t attend church to worship false gods.

It takes many friends to make the beast jealous.

A religious god couldn’t create evil like God did.

It’s very hard for Christians to find the beast.

To God, creating crime was like creating religion.

When He planned wars, He killed many soldiers.

What’s more evil, a lying pastor or collecting tithes?

Not one church building was built by God’s servants.

After killing the saints, Rome lied about Me.

God’s Word is not the Bible. It’s energy and knowledge.

The Bible is a Christian god who talks to liars.

The beast forces Christians to love religious ideas.

A Christian gospel couldn’t be spoken before Jesus died.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing is a Christian saint.

Homophobia; fear of God’s created people.

God isn’t concerned about good & evil. Death will fix it.

Someday, men will learn they’re not a creator.

Truth is like a mirror our flesh hates to look at.

Christians hate God’s voice, or the true gospel.

The plan is to change earth to it’s original form.

Abortions make $$, fix problems and fulfill God’s will.

Jesus didn’t preach any Christian gospels.

A wise man knows his path was planned.

God’s who talk to Christians are lust, greed and pride.

A gay Christian is a false saint as all Christians are.

There is no sin better or worse than another.

Satan hates the truth exposing his religious beast.

Christians seek sex and wealth. Saints seek death.

A saint’s wisdom can’t be taught to the beast.

A self-righteous man confesses sins after he’s caught.

Christian’s will or God’s will, which will do you live?

“Christian’s will be done”, cannot be found in the Bible.

Hypocrites smile in church with lust, greed and pride.

God didn’t plan for everyone to join a hypocrite club.

What you see is not to be for eternity.

Beast = religious pride found in Christians.

Every Christian lie originated in a sinner’s DNA.

Rome was careful while changing the saint’s writings.

Christians have to be nice since they’re not saints.

Saints know all decisions were made by God.

Christians, gays, criminals & atheists are chosen by God.

Evil Christians support evil wars, not God’s war.

“He is risen” has nothing to do with a messiah’s body.

Easter is for all who can’t see beyond the flesh.

At least eggs and bunnies were seen before the end.

Christians are fake saints who can’t speak truth.

The messiah has no memory of playing Jesus on Easter.

Rome’s fictional writers made Bible stories memorable.

All flesh goes back to dust where Jesus is.

It’s a good friday to play or see a dead man die again.

Robots & humans need God’s word to look alive.

The Roman modified Bible blinded all their Christians.

Hypocrites act like Christians do.

Hypocrites are Christians who act out Bible words.

What deceives you most; Jesus, Satan or memory & DNA?

The beast of Christianity can’t find itself.

Money is the #1 god for the Christian beast.

Your tithe to a Christian god is like having sex.

If money didn’t exist, Christianity wouldn’t either.

If money was the truth, Christians would be truthful.

Jesus saves Christians from listening to God.

Freedom to a Christian means freedom from God.

The true gospel is God’s voice, not words in a Bible.

Christians will learn that God runs the show.

A Christian who judges a sinner is a hypocrite.

A Bible has no authority to teach a sinner.

There’s no truth at all in a name called Jesus.

Flesh is formed by created energy & information.

Christianity is God’s strongest delusion ever.

Wars are part of God’s plan to kill his people’s flesh.

According to the Bible, Christians are all liars.

Profits first, then the righteous, second. The poor hears Me.

Christianity was used by God to enlarge Babylon.

Antichrists exist in all Christian churches.

A prostitute preacher speaks pleasurable lies.

No need to stop sinning, Christians can’t stop either.

Rome taught their Christians long-lasting lies.

The New Testament was God’s best deception.

Stargazing won’t be possible in the next age.

The internet was very important to end this age.

Crime came from the same place as Christianity.

There’s no chance your Bible will save you.

If you believe in a god, you don’t know our Creator.

If the Bible is the word of God, it would talk.

Father = Creator  Son = Energy  Holy Spirit = Word

The word of God isn’t the Bible. It’s God’s son, energy.

The beast shows religious pride in Christians.

Christians can’t obey God because of his plan.

Christians were created as men, not servants.

Christians don’t know what a saint is.

God saved us from sin while making Lucifer.

Christians are completely lost in self-righteousness.

The last day will reveal your true selves forever.

The lost know their God is not a Christian god.

Christians train their young with lifelong fears.

Your Jesus has you love things instead of God.

Christianity was used to spread physical gods.

The Aztecs tried but Christianity succeeded.

The lost aren’t acceptable to righteous sinners.

If you ask me what truth is, listen to him.

Christianity was used to teach building gods.

Friends of God know Christians have no truth.

False gods control you now but not forever.

Rome’s gospels replaced God temporarily.

Tithes and taxes helped build the world’s golden calf.

God’s invisible world began as eternal thoughts.

Jesus didn’t believe in what he saw.

What you see, can’t be seen by anyone.

Would a CEO kill me if I set his slaves free?

A blind man knows God made us invisible.

The gods you drive won’t exist in Paradise.

Man’s flesh disturbed the peace on earth.

Waves of energy will give us life forever.

The river of life will never run dry.

It’s much easier to float down the river of life.

If you have to believe in it, you don’t know it.

Ignorance and belief doesn’t mean knowing.

It can’t be seen unless it was a thought first.

Life is God’s created thoughts in action.

Come to the smile that has no worries.

The plants know their gardener who loves them.

Wars look real but no one ever dies.

Life wasn’t made to test us so live it up.

With God’s last testament, the end is within sight.

We obey all the thoughts God planned for us.

Thoughts are free but only God can make us do them.

Conservative and liberal ideas were once God’s dream.

Now we an understand how God created us.

God’s internet was built for his last testament.

The beast was used to build the internet.

The other saints didn’t have pc’s to explain God.

Accidents were no problem for God to plan.

Men convinced us that free rocks had food value.

Bibles are gods to many unbelievers.

Christians built American cities with false gods.

Religion worked great to teach men how to build.

I’ve never seen a Bible stand up and talk.

Spend time with family and friends before the end.

We can only experience life, not create it.

My sermon can last as long as you can hear it.

God = Creator  Servants = Creation  Men = Created

The path you’re on leads you to everlasting life.

A Christian’s financial plan is a big lie.

Only God can create thoughts and decisions.

Christians were created as men, not God’s saints.

All U.S. presidents were elected by our Creator.

Life was created before any flesh experiences it.

Your life was created with all it’s decisions.

False prophets hide in buildings disguised as truth.

My flesh isn’t Jesus but we’re the same gospel.

God’s spirit is all the energy that gives life.

Kindness is good without selfish thoughts.

A righteous man isn’t known to his wicked flesh.

The lost who find Christianity get really lost.

Christians were nice to me. Now I’m their gossip.

Your gods can’t bless me because I know the truth.

Reading Bible words won’t lead you to truth.

What you’ll never see is the truth.

In Paradise, thoughts will be used for free.

Land ownership enslaves every created man.

Can you sell all you have, then feed the poor?

He said, feed the poor, not build church pews.

Did you know all God’s saints were made poor?

Christianity can restore your lust for this world.

This temporary world is just about over.

Your righteousness is unknown by your wickedness.

Homelessness is not a problem to God. He made it.

Homeless people know Christians can’t obey God.

Campbell’s effort for the homeless is disobedient.

New car or feed the poor. What does satan think?

Are you chosen by our Creator to judge Him?

Religion is as addictive as sex, crime and drugs.

Church kitchens are useless for the homeless.

You miss the joy if you give with selfish thoughts.

You better stop judging me, God did on 6/14/08.

Saints sell all they have, then give to the poor.

Christians use police to protect them from God.

Your homeless problem was created by God.

Life after death will never be confusing.

Christian belief is way different than the truth.

Born again Christians are dead liars.

Christian wisdom is to hide sins better next time.

Your fears tell me that you lack the truth.

Do you Christians know all God’s saints are killed?

Born again saints know Christians aren’t the law.

God’s responsible for everything we experience.

Your Creator hid from you but not much longer.

Why can’t you Christians obey your Creator?

The righteous will soon forget being wicked.

God got us to believe in this world of lies.

God’s way is the only way a man can go.

The truth has a different story than your Jesus.

The beast made Christians world class builders.

There’s no free speech when it causes hate.

You won’t fear the homeless in Paradise.

We don’t create life and neither did a Jesus.

Atoms weren’t designed to think.

Christians guide other sinners to worldly passions.

Most Christians weren’t chosen to hear Me.

A few Christians were created to hear the truth.

God kills his servants with his beast.

Christians are bowing to their gods today.

Have a nice day. Yours forever, God.

No saint is used by God to vote liars into office.

Did He say, “call the police on the homeless”?

Did He say, “kill the neighbors who hate you”?

Gold, land, liars & buildings make up Christianity.

Hypocrites love their physical (false) gods.

Christmas came from the beast and antichrists.

Truth isn’t what you think. It’s what God did.

Did Jesus say, “build churches, altars and pews”?

Christianity is a very deceptive false religion.

Christianity is the extended Roman Empire.

Christian laws deceive you from God’s laws.

Christianity has never produced a true saint.

We are stored energy being processed.

God created evil to make self-righteous liars.

Our minds are controlled by our Programmer.

The 1,000 year reign of Christ is almost over.

Did Jesus say, “Use sinners to be my example”?

Joy comes from man’s heart, not his wicked flesh.

Homeless people aren’t enemies but fears are.

E=God’s son, life, kingdom, heaven, christ, word, etc.

Free speech is hated by the “Pharisees” here.

A liar isn’t a saint speaking for our God.

Energy=Son of God=the Word.

I am the King, Savior & Creator but not Jesus.

Atomic elements contain endless life experiences.